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Moose Hunting / Quebec

We've partnered up with La Ferme Monette to offer you an essential tool for your moose hunting in Quebec, with forestry coverage by potential areas for moose feeding, land tenure and much more. Printed on waterproof & tear-proof paper.

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Dimensions Retail Price
12" x 18" | Flat $29.99
20" x 28" | Rolled $49.99
28" x 36" | Rolled $59.99

Map Features

Moose Hotspots

Complex calculations based on feeding sites, transition zones and vegetation show you the best potential habitats for moose.

Forestry Coverage

Comprehensive and recent forestry coverage from data published in 2018 by the MERN is included to get the best out of your hunt.

Land Tenure

Crown land is identified for you.

Extended Vegetation

Points of Interest

Road Network

Forestry Trails

Rail Network

Crown Land


Shaded Relief

Elevation Lines

Provincial Parks

National Parks

Widlife Reserves

Hunting Zones



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