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GPS Unit Compatibility

Please click on your GPS unit's brand below to see compatibility information.


Model Marine TOPO /
ATV Snowmobile
Aera 550
Aera 660
Aera 796
Alpha 100
Astro 220
Astro 320
Astro 900
BMW Motorrad Navigator IV
BMW Motorrad Navigator V
Colorado 3xx
Colorado 4xx
Dakota 20
Dakota 30
dēzl 570LMT/760LMT/770LMTHD/780LMT-S
eTrex 20 / 20x
eTrex 30 / 30x
eTrex Legend Cx2
eTrex Legend HCx2
eTrex Touch 25
eTrex Touch 35
eTrex Venture Cx2
eTrex Vista Cx2
eTrex Vista HCx2
GPSMAP 60CSx/60Cx1 2
GPSMAP 62S/62sc/62st/62stc
GPSMAP 64/64s/64sc/64st
GPSMAP 66s/66st
GPSMAP 76Cx2/76CSx
GPSMAP 78/78S/78sc
GPSMAP 4xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 5xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 6xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 7xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 8xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 9xx1 4 6
GPSMAP 1xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 2xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 3xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 5xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 6xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 7xxx1 4 6
GPSMAP 8xxx1 4 6
Montana 6xx/6xxt
nüvi 2x/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 3x/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 4x/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 5x/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 6x/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 2xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 3xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 4xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 5005
nüvi 5505
nüvi 6xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 7xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 8xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 9xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 10xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 11xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 12xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 13xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 14xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 16xx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
nüvi 2xxx/LM/LMT/LMTHD/w5
Oregon 2xx
Oregon 3xx
Oregon 4xx
Oregon 5xx
Oregon 6xx
Oregon 7xx
Rino 5xx
Rino 650/655t
Rino 65x
Rino 75x
Streetpilot C5xx
zūmo 2xx
zūmo 3xx
zūmo 4xx
zūmo 5xx
zūmo 6xx


Model Marine TOPO
Elite HD
Elite HDI
Elite Ti
HOOK Series
HOOK2 Series
HDS Carbon
HDS Gen1
HDS Gen2
HDS Gen3

Other Brands

1 Compatible with preprogrammed cards only. Not compatible with downloads.
2 Ensure that the GPS unit's firmware is updated.
3 Not compatible with GPSMAP 527 or GPSMAP 527S.
4 Compatible with Marine maps purchased on 2016-08-16 or later. Not compatible with units with preloaded charts
5 Does not show routes transferred from Garmin BaseCamp.
6 Not compatible with units using the Garmin Data Card format.